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A beer in the hand

Last week we were a little light on beer. We were living on the edge! There’s no such issue now. We’re rocking the usuals: Frank, The Whale, The IPA, De Maas and Rutherford B. Haze.

There is still some Singularity (Nugget) left, but less than 10 gallons’ worth. Rudy estimates it won’t last the weekend, and I’m inclined to concur.

Our Bidwell offerings this week are going back to our roots: Frank, The Whale, The IPA and De Maas.

Two in the bush

The beer keeps on coming. This week: Rudy’s brewing Singularity (Chinook), the tenth entry in our single hop IPA series. Hot on the heels of (Nugget), the (Chinook) will be ready for drinking in a few weeks. Watch this space.

So, like, the dry hopping bends the fabric of taste-time, or something

So, like, the dry hopping bends the fabric of taste-time, or something

Since we’re hitting double digits, we thought we’d spice things up a bit. Caskmaster General Drew is overseeing the first Duality: a single-hopped Singularity beer dry hopped in the cask with a second type of hop. I heard on a podcast recently that most solar systems are binary, with two stars! It really only makes sense to follow suit in the beer realm ((If you thought “Yes, those two things are meaningfully related!” then you might want to work on your rhetoric.)).

As with its progenitor, more details on the first Duality — including its second hop — will come soon.

Cheetah in the wild!

Some eagle eyed beer lovers have noticed a few oddities in our “coming soon” list on the whiteboard at the brewery. “What’s Cheetah Mikida?” they asked, and in return we would smile slyly and say it was a secret. Then why list it at all? It is because we are jerks, dear reader. Now is the time, though, for you to learn the what and the where and then when of Cheetah Mikida.

The what: a spiced rye pale ale.

The where: The Revelry in Rochester.

The when: 4pm today, as part of their Rare Creatures event for Rochester Beer Week. You can also find that KBS that everyone was losing their minds about a few months ago, some 2013 Pumking and 2010 Doubke Bastard.

It’s a book signing!

BLNYCoverSmallBeer in New York State is growing. Why, just yesterday some fairly important legislation passed! There are more breweries popping up all the time (hello, Resurgence!). We’ve had New York Breweries by Lew Bryson and Don Cazentre for sale for a bit now, and as of this week also have Beer Lovers New York by Sarah and Giancarlo Annese!

But that’s not all!

Next Thursday, Sarah and Giancarlo will be at the brewery for a book signing starting at 6 pm. Come get a growler, pick up a book and meet the authors! Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a fun time.

The 4th approaches

As a final note: the 4th of July is a mere two weeks away! And, since it’s a holiday and nobody’s going to be going anywhere unless they forgot to pick up ice or hot dog buns, we will be closed for retail.