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Don’t stop the summer jams

Hey I just met you / and this is crazy / but I have Citra / so drink me maybe

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Rutherford B. Haze
  • Hoppy Porter
  • Singularity (Equinox)
  • Yuz Not That IPA
  • Summer Jam 2015

Shuffleboard qualifiers

Upcoming events

What else we’ve been up to

  • CBW Summer Jams on Spotify, in celebration of our latest beer. It’s collaborative, so add your own!

  • Big Ditch suggested we have a Buffalo beer shuffleboard tournament, which we were more than happy to get completely on board with. This week we met at Hot Mamas for tacos and qualifiers. I got on the team, so take that everybody who said I’m not good at sports!

  • Solitude: I like drinking beer, and surprisingly I like people, but sometimes I enjoy when the two don’t mix.

Clubbing. Book clubbing, that is. #dadjokes

Other nifty beer things

  • Why you still get drunk drinking “session” beers, this week’s Sunday read. I took some issue with the “oh no we’re all destroying our bodies!” stuff at the end (I mean, I am, but it’s with pizza and donuts far more than alcohol), but I enjoyed learning about the different ways to “measure” beer’s strength.


And finally