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Don’t be SAD, it’s still Beer Week!

Buffalo Beer Week continues apace! To wit:

The beer we have

The twelve beers of Beer Week

The twelve beers of Beer Week

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Rutherford B. Haze, still around — for now — after his wake
  • Wet Frank: still a bit left!
  • Nouveau Riche: might last the weekend?
  • Singularity (Calypso): ibid.
  • Porter Collaboration Project: probably won’t last the weekend
  • Beer Week IPA: won’t last the weekend

The beer we will have

  • Tomorrow… tomorrow, we usher in sweater weather with the first batch of Stout Affective Disorder, our winter stout!

Events in the next week

What else we’ve been up to

Rutherford B. Greg

Rutherford B. Greg

  • I Made This, my entry for October’s Session, wherein I talk about how my relationship with beer changed after I became a homebrewer.
  • Remember how Tuesday was the Wake of Rutherford B. Haze? I took some pictures that I’m pretty happy with.
  • Speaking of the wake, we held a funeral procession down Amherst St. It was one of the more surreal things I’ve been part of, mostly because a woman somehow saw us coming and got her washboard out to play along as we marched? Here’s a Hyperlapse I took of the first part of the march, which ended at the Sportsman’s Tavern, where everyone was excited and confused. The music for the video was from later that night, when the Fredtown Stompers serenaded us all.

Other nifty beer things

And finally

  • I love everything about this story.
  • I don’t even remember saving this image to my gif library, but it sums up the Rutherford wake pretty well:

Princess Bubblegum throwing confetti and yelling Wee!