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Community Beer Works: The logo

We did promise you something yesterday, dear fans, and here it is: the pictorial embodiment of Community Beer Works.

‘Ooh!’ You say. ‘Aah!’ comes from the person next to you.

Yes, we’re quite happy with it. It came to us via Julian Montague, of Frazer/Montague Design, who you may be familiar with from the Allen Street Hardware logo,  or his book on shopping carts, or his work currently on display at the Albright-Knox. Or maybe you aren’t! That’s okay too, though we rather like him.

The first question we would get when showing the prototype to friends and family, usually, was something along the lines of ‘is that the Buffalo skyline, and if not, why?’ It’s not. We discussed the possibility, especially when it seemed like something people wanted, but decided against it rather quickly. Yes, it is somewhat distinctive, but while you might be able to pick out the phallic outline of City Hall in a lineup, what about that says ‘community’? The communities of Buffalo are along Elmwood, Amherst/Grant, Parkside. What do those have in common? In my neighborhood at least, three houses with identical structures. So, in the end, we thought it best to use a fictitious skyline. (another moral: we asked Julian to make a few changes, then in the end reverted back to his original design on every single one. Trust your artists, friends.)

So, beyond the logo, what have we been up to since we last begged and pleaded that you be our fan on Facebook? (Which, if you haven’t yet, go hit the ‘Like’ button over on the right. It’s easy. One click. If you’re reading this via RSS, I even linked it for you. Right back there, before this overly long parenthetical. Remember to tell your friends, too. Your friends like beer, don’t they? If they don’t, why are they your friends?*)

Well, not much that we can talk about. This Saturday we’ll be locking ourselves in an office and swallowing the key, giving us the time it takes Dave’s digestive system to work to hammer out some of the more dry, less beer related aspects of the business. While you probably won’t see the fruits of our toil for a while, when the beer starts flowing know that it couldn’t have happened without it.

* Disclaimer: Nearly all of my family and a depressingly large chunk of my friends stay away from beer. I’ve learned to love them anyway. To their faces, at least.

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