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Community Beer Works Comes Back to Cooperstown


After taking the west side by storm last week, we are pleased to say that a small bit of Strawberry Rhubarbford B. Haze remains.

As it was last week, Rhubarbford is samples only, but do stop in for a sample, and look forward to trying it on a commercial scale next year!

This weekend: beer and bacon

Saturday is the third annual Beer and Bacon Fest in Williamsville. If you like beer, bacon and helping fund breast cancer research, this might be an event for you!

And if you’re one of our many veg* readers, for whom bacon is not your thing, then instead I offer two cookbooks by Leanne Brown featuring all or mostly vegetarian/vegan meals.

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown

It's weird seeing pictures of myself sans glasses now

It’s weird seeing pictures of myself sans glasses now

This is the big one, friends: Bee See Tee See! Very regrettably I can’t go this year, but I’ve instructed Alex to go on any ferris wheels he sees and report back.

We couldn’t just show up to BCTC with our regular offerings. It requires pomp! Circumstance! Last year we brought W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G (What You Hop Is What You Get), which was fun to see people try to pronounce as the festival wore on. And this year?

Our main attraction will be Tripod, a Belgian style tripel aged in One Foot Cock apple brandy barrels from Buffalo Distilling Company. Oh yes.

We’ll also have Mister Superfantastisch, the Berlinerweisse That Would Not Die. Every time we trot it out I assure you this will be the last of it, but I think it’s reproducing asexually in our cooler or something.

Rounding out our taps is the stalwart Rutherford B. Haze, our Belgian style wheat beer.

If you’re going to the festival, do stop by and say hello! If you’re not, well, come to retail and commiserate with me.