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Christmastime is beer

What, just because it’s Christmas you didn’t think you’d get a blog post? Well here we are. And let’s talk about January 3rd:

New Year, New Beer

On January 3rd from 12-8 we’re hosting a shindig of sorts: New Year, New Beer. What will we have? Well:

We’ll unveil our new year round offering, That IPA. Brewed with Simcoe & Mosaic, That IPA just plain kicks ass.

I know what you’re thinking. Only one beer? Just a few days after New Year’s Eve? Why leave my nice, warm house? Well how about a few more? We’ll also have, for the first time ever, ABV IPA, brewed for Mike Shatzel’s new ABV burger bar in Allentown. And a brewery only release of an oldie but goodie, IPFrank. And a double dry hopped cask of The IPA. And Singularity (Galaxy). And a new batch of The End Is Rye. And maybe a surprise. Or two surprises. All beers will be available for samples, glasses and growler fills.*

*Ok, ok. No growler fills of the cask. Sorry.

The beer we have

The short-lived Duality

The short-lived Duality

You’ve been busy. That cask of Duality didn’t even make it until I got in on Tuesday. Not that I’m bitter. I’m just a bit bitter.

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Saison #1
  • Rosemary’s Snow Baby

Events in the next week

Not so much an event as a lack of events: don’t forget that we’re closed today and tomorrow. We’ll be open 12-4 as usual on Saturday.

The winner of the arm wrestling at Hydraulic Hearth

The winner of the arm wrestling at Hydraulic Hearth

What else we’ve been up to

And finally

  • Not in the spirit of things at all, but something that’s been sitting in my Instapaper account, begging to be read: Escape from Jonestown
  • Think this post was too long?

I know it's over the top but that's how festive I am

  1. It’s not actually a podcast, because there’s no rss feed. I had planned to do lots of them before realizing how long editing would take.