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Choose Your Own Ad(venture), the game of the ad of the game

Every week we run an ad in The Public. I’m left to my own devices, which usually means, well… Things get weird. I decided for the month of April to have some goofs and run a four part “Choose Your Own Ad(venture)”. Because I sincerely doubt anyone actually saved a month’s worth of advertisements — though I hope you did! — I also made it into an online version.

Choose Your Own Ad(venture), Twine version

The original ad series

I made it in Twine, a really cool tool used to make some interesting games/interactive stories like Depression Quest and Ultra Business Tycoon 3 (.nfo).

The initial idea came to me when I saw someone make a choose your own adventure game on Twitter. It takes more time than it might be worth to play, but the concept really stuck with me.

I of course have to thank Chris Groves for doing the layout of the ads. He is a creative wunderkind, except probably older than a wunderkind should be? I don’t know. He rocks.

In the course of making the Twine version I discovered at least two errors in the ad directions. Whoops.