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Cheesier than Dan’s jokes

Something is coming to Hydraulic Hearth. Something special.

Cheese, Gromit.

But not just any cheese. No. This cheese has something special.

CBW pitchers

That IPA.

Here we see cheese in its natural habitat: Vermont Farmstead. They’ve made some cheddar with That IPA in it. Pretty good, right?

CBW on Press

No. Not enough. Needs more.

CBW Pouring beer

Dangerous levels of IPA.

CBW Beer In bag

This right here is 500 pounds of cheese. Cheese which contains That IPA, and is now being put into cryovac bags with more beer.

CBW cryo blocks

Here it will sit, waiting, aging, until April or May 2016.

See you then, cheese.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that 40 lbs of cheese would be coming when it is in fact 500. This is obviously much better.