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Last month we hinted at a public event where you could come and say hi, and then had to give away the surprise and say ‘No, we won’t be doing a brewing demo at the Bidwell Farmer’s Market this Saturday!’ Well, we have a date!

Saturday 10/23, we’ll be outside and really hoping it’s not too cold as we make a batch or more of beer. Will we have our sweet Psychobrew setup? Alas, no. That is still being hammered out, literally, with an anvil and a forge and I’m probably exaggerating but hope you’ll forgive me.

No, we’ll be using our homebrewing setups for this, but if you’ve never borne witness to the magical creation of beer it will still be a fun time! I may make an English barleywine for my own consumption, as it’s among my favorite styles and I haven’t brewed any in the past.


Will there be beer at the market? Like, the kind you can drink? No. That would still be illegal, and though I own albums by The Clash and Rage Against the Machine and the like we do prefer to stay on this side of the law, lest it win.

‘Well then,’ you exclaim, ‘why bother showing up at a market if you won’t sell anything?’ Aha! We may not have beer, but we shall have merchandise! Although none of it is in our hands yet, and realistically speaking they may not be ready by the 23rd, we’re looking into a new CBW t shirt, one you can buy this time, as well as pint glasses and other bits of fun. What is certain is that we’ll have the postcards we’ve handed out in the past.

I’m certainly looking forward to it, and we hope to see you there!

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