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CBW Comes to Belgium Comes to Cooperstown

Belgium Comes to Cooperstown! That’s this weekend. It seems like an awful lot of fun, and each year I say ‘Next year I’m definitely going!’ and then I don’t. But that’s me! I’m known far and wide for being lame, which cannot be said for the rest of the CBW crew, and so if you see Ethan or Rudybob wandering around make sure you say hi. If you tag one of them, they’ll give you a dollar! They don’t know that I’m writing that, so prices and participation may vary.

Work has begun on a proper website for the blog, with a design becoming of CBW, and while it probably won’t be ready for quite some time (this being CBW, after all, with machinations always behind the curtains while we taunt you about it) I think it’s coming along nicely. My goal is to have a prototype ready by our next staff meeting, which is in exactly one week! So maybe it won’t be quite so long after all.

Fill out these forms in triplicate!

And while the location continues to be steeped in mystery, know that it progresses ever onward. We’re gearing up, internally, for the massive multi-tentacled paperwork bonanza that looms on the horizon, but we’re also homebrewing up a variety of test batches for our consumption. Research. It’s research! It seems safe to announce that our two initial offerings will be an American Pale Ale and a Saison, though of course we reserve the right to change our minds at any time. I made a batch of each on my last brewday, and while the APA is certainly drinkable it also teaches some valuable lessons, which I’ll save for another post so as not to bore you with homebrew geekery.

Others have brewed batches and, if Facebook is to be believed, they turned out very well indeed. Next week’s meeting should have plenty of test batches while we hammer out some of the nitty gritty about how the business end is run.

So, can we expect to run into any of you this weekend?