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Casks & Glasses

You know, things have been so exciting around here that I’ve neglected to mention something pretty cool!

Just in time for Festivus, we have a prepaid growler card available for purchase. It gets you 10 growler fills (64 oz, of course) for $100. Those of you proficient in the dark art of mathematics have already figured out that this is a savings of $20 over buying them ala carte, or 1.6667 free growlers.

We think this would be a good gift for the beer lover in your life. The sort of beer lover that you’d spend $100 on, of course. I mean, if you want to give this to your office Secret Santa recipient we won’t stop you. To make it even better, if you buy one of the cards before 12/25 you also get the growler itself to include.


Frank not included

Many people have been asking us about glasses. “Yes, we have glasses!” we’d say. Then we’d avert eye contact and say, “Well, we did, but then people bought them all.” We’d further mumble about them being ordered and available soon. “Soon” is now! We’ve got plenty of them, suitable for gifts or keeping to yourself.

And, as always, we have gift certificates available for any non-irrational non-imaginary amount.

Now that Dan’s Merchandise Corner is done, on to this weekend’s fun.

It’s the Buffalo Cask Festival at Cole’s and Mister Goodbar. If you love cask ales then you really want to check out the festival. We’re sending along two casks: The Whale made with Sumatran espresso from Blue Mountain and The IPA that’s been dry hopped with citra hops. The espresso that Rudy brewed last Saturday to get the grind right tasted fantastic, so I look forward to trying both of them.

Then, of course, in two weeks (12/22) we’ve got the release of our smoked porter collaboration with Roc, Nano Nano.

Finally, I hope last night you raised a glass of beer, or whiskey, or gin & tonic:  something, to celebrate the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.