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C you lat- I’m sorry I can’t even finish that pun

Batch 500

Earlier this month, Rudy brewed our 500th batch. Five hundred uses of our system, seven hundred and fifty barrels of Community Beer Works beer. He couldn’t let it be just any beer. So he made In C.

In C, you might recall, was the original version of our American Pale Ale featuring citra, centennial and columbus hops. Then we were laughed at and told that you can’t currently buy citra in any meaningful amount. We couldn’t very well have In C featuring zythos hops, and so the recipe was retooled into what became Frank. In C is not Frank with different hops: it is its own beer, distinct in flavor and aroma. We’ve made it once before, as a special offering during Buffalo Beer Week 2012, and now it’s back.

At least until Batch 500 is gone.

The taplist, continued

We’ve had to say farewell to Espresso Whale, at least for now. All 10 gallons of it were sold by last Friday, proving that we mean business when we urge you to come down sooner rather than later. We don’t like scarcity, though! We’re not trying to create some kind of culture of mystique; we just don’t make very much beer, sometimes. However, it has not gone away forever! Yet another batch of our brown ale with espresso from public is, if you’ll excuse the pun, percolating, and will be ready late this week or early next week. Keep an eye on the “on tap” sidebar to the right and our social media accounts for further updates.

Originally captioned "#soon" on Instagram, since changed to "#now"

Originally captioned “#soon” on Instagram, since changed to “#now”

Speaking of beer we can’t make as often as we’d like, it’s been about a month since the last batch of The Double IPA debuted, hasn’t it? Expect the monthly release of it next week.

Finally, since you’re probably thinking this is all well and good but a beer in the glass is worth two in the fermenter, Singularity (Falconer’s Flight) is still available! As with all beer in the Singularity series, when it’s gone it’s gone and then you’ll have to wait for the next one.

The book club, step two: set phasers to read

I’d like to thank everyone who preordered their copy of The Audacity of Hops through Talking Leaves: we’re supporting local businesses, and in return you’re getting a discount. If you missed out, they’re ordering a few extra copies so you’ll have a chance to pick one up when they arrive. The response, both for the preorder and in the number of people who told me they got it on their Kindle, the library, etc, has been astounding. Oh my! I was a little worried it would be Alex and I alone at Goodbar, but I need to bring my A game because it’s shaping up to be quite an event.

Now is the time when we set about reading the book. If you preordered, you’ll be notified when your copies are in. Otherwise, start turning those pages!

Then, as a reminder, we’re meeting on Wednesday, March 5th at Mister Goodbar at 7 pm for the discussion. If you haven’t finished the book by then don’t worry! I’m only halfway done myself (having had a head start on everyone) and I already have several hours worth of things to talk about, so unlike a fiction novel where the themes solidify at the end even a small amount of reading will allow you to participate.

Beer festival season

If beer festivals are your thing, we’ve got a bunch for you to choose from:

This weekend we’ll be at the Buffalo Winter Brewfest. (warning: autoplaying audio)

Then, February 15th you can find our beer at Buffalo on Tap.

And, as always, March 8th we’ll be at Beerology!