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Bidwell and Buffalo Beer Week

I’m going to lead with the time sensitive stuff, because this week’s update is a doozy.

I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map...

This Saturday! CBW will reprise its role in the production of Guys Brew Beer and Talk About Their Brewery at the Bidwell farmers market. I assume you’re all familiar with Bidwell, but it’s a farmer’s market. You can get rabbit there! And also things that are not rabbit.

We’ll be brewing a batch of In C, our APA, and will be fully staffed to talk to you about CBW, embeering Buffalo, beer, Discordianism, Terry Riley and all other manners of things. Perhaps you would like to yell at me because the Words With Friends tournament is taking so long (it’s moving, I swear!) Or you have questions about the TTB process, or the building, or our recipes. Or, you know what? Maybe you just want to say hi and get some fresh vegetables. You can do that too.

We will of course be selling t shirts, too, both the don’t-call-it-orange Embeer Buffalo design and what few we have left of the original beer glass logo. I know we push the shirts a lot, but until we can sell beer it’s our only source of income, and witty blog posts like this don’t come cheap, if you know what I’m saying.

We’ll be getting started bright and early and going until the afternoon at least, so please: come say hi!

Now then, less time sensitive but by no means less awesome: Buffalo Beer Week, June 19-26.

“Embeer Buffalo” isn’t just a phrase on a t shirt. It may be slightly silly, but we mean it. We are dedicated to improving the beer culture of our city. This helps our business, yes, but it’s also something we feel strongly about on a personal level. We’re starting a brewery in large part because we want to embeer Buffalo: we just didn’t have the words for it yet.

Well, we are!

That’s why we see Buffalo Beer Week as being core to our ethos: what better way to encourage beer culture than with a week devoted to showcasing the best the city has to offer? There are going to be special events, deals, tastings, all manner of fun and exciting things to take part in. We’re going to help with the coordination of the week in every way we can. Almost everything is still in planning, though, so official announcements will have to come a bit later.

Where will these announcements be? Why, take your social media pick! There’s the official website, of course, but for you Zuckertonians out there a Facebook page has been procured. If you prefer updates in more of a 140 character nature, @buffalobeerweek has you covered.

As the week grows closer, more bars and restaurants will be announcing specifics. Watch this space, and the Buffalo Beer Week websites, and maybe some of the other pages and sites of people and places you follow. Who knows!

See you all Saturday, hopefully.