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Behold: Grisette!

Don’t be SAD

Stout Affective Disorder was our winter seasonal. It was a dark, hearty beer for a dark, chilling time.

It’s spring now ((So says the weatherman, but I don’t go by what he says.))! Spring is no time for a winter beer, and so I regret to inform you that Stout Affective Disorder is no more.

Soon enough it will be summer, and with it our summer seasonal. Mourn Stout Affective Disorder if you’d like, but rejoice, for soon we will see the rebirth of Rutherford B. Haze!

Yes! our summer seasonal will be returning in just two short weeks: on Tuesday, May 13th at Liberty Hound. Join us for a pint of our Belgian pale ale with wheat as we ring in the warm weather on the waterfront!

The first Grisette

Our spiffied up van: delivering beer to a good beer spot near you!

Our spiffied up van: delivering beer to a good beer spot near you!

In the meantime, let us introduce you to Grisette #1.

Rudy’s first attempt at a Grisette has yielded a 4.5% beer with pils malt and lots of wheat, both malted and unmalted. EKG hops (first seen in Mister Blofeld, and soon Singularity [East Kent Golding]) provide the bitterness and French Saison yeast the character. From Rudy:

Pours a hazy white, nice white head. Nose is lemon, wheat, floral, clay-like earthiness, white pepper, very light orange. Flavor is lemon, a big hit of wheat, floral yeast, mild pepper. Very dry finish w. a bit of orange pith, wheat & lemon.

As the name implies, this is a first attempt. He wanted something below 4% abv but is still very happy with the result.

Come get some tonight! Unlike Drew’s Dyrty Dyngus this was a full batch, available for growler fills.

The Twin Bs: Bidwell

It’s May! We’ve been promised flowers; my bike will be tuned up and ready to go tomorrow; and there is but one more Saturday at the Horsefeathers market.

Please, come down this weekend! I’ll be at Horsefeathers, filling growlers next to some goats ((Maybe. Every time I’ve worked they’ve kept the goats home. I’m starting to get a complex. Do the goats not like me?)), and Greg will be heading up the grand finale at the brewery.

Remember: as of May 10, we will be at the Bidwell farmer’s market on Saturdays, not the brewery. The current forecast is 64° and mostly cloudy: perfect weather for a stroll!

The Twin Bs: Book club

abitious brew hi resIt’s now less than three weeks until our second book club discussion! There’s still plenty of time to buy Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle and read it by Wednesday May 21st, at which time we’ll gather on the second floor of Mister Goodbar to have some excellent beer and talk about the history of brewing in the US.

Marvel at the drama surrounding the 1893 World’s Fair!

Be shocked by the history of rice and corn adjuncts!

Rage, rage at the dying of the light temperance movement morphing into the prohibitionists!

I don’t know why I decided to take “cover of a pulp novel” as inspiration for that, but here we are. There are also numerous references to Buffalo, if that’s your sort of thing!