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#BeerMob at Del Denby’s next Wednesday

When we say “Embeer Buffalo”, what exactly what does that mean? Well, this rather inscrutable term has many applications and uses, but one of them is the celebration of the neighborhood tavern as a third place.

What the hell does “third place” mean?

“Working adults formerly enjoyed an hour of “community time” after the workday was over and before they were expected home. It has been replaced by an hour of “commuting time.” The former warmed us to our fellow human beings, the latter conditions us to hate them. – Ray Oldenburg, Celebrating the Third Place

Community time? Community Beer Works. See what we did there? The corner tavern or neighborhood pub has long been the third place for Buffalonians. Perhaps moreso than in other cities. In our pubs and taverns, we celebrate our victories, drown our heartbreak, plan our neighborhood events, host fundraisers, and connect with friends and neighbors. They are central to our identity in this community and as a neighborhood brewery, our mission is to provide the beer for those events and memories.

So, join us as we start a new tradition for Buffalo Beer Week called the #BeerMob. Based on the idea of cash mobs, we organize as many people as possible to join us for a happy hour to celebrate a great Buffalo neighborhood tavern. Have one of our beers or have whatever you like, this is about community time and supporting our local business owners.

We ask that you join us and have a few rounds at the recently renovated Del Denby’s on Hertel Avenue between 6-9PM on Wednesday September 30th. Gravy will be playing for your enjoyment and there’s a pretty awesome patio out back for those who enjoy that kind of thing.

Tell your friends, tell your brother, but don’t tell your Mom about #BeerMob. Be there.