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Beer lovers of New York, unite!

The beer situation

Dark wings, dark words, dear readers. Last week the forces of summer were so strong that we sold out of our beloved Rutherford B. Haze!

All is well. All five of our beers have returned and should be in plentiful supply this week.

But what of (Chinook)?


Ah yes, Singularity (Chinook). It was indeed brewed last week! Rudy reports that it should be available early next week. And Duality, its dry hopped cask cousin? Not until after the 4th.

And speaking of fireworks…

A reminder: we will be closed next Friday, July 4th. You know, the Fourth of July. I highly doubt anyone will be trying to come in for a growler fill that day, but, you know, just in case: don’t.

You like us, you really like us!

Buffalo Spree held their Best of WNY 2014 awards last Thursday 1. An invitation appeared in the mail, mysteriously, Hogwartian. Rudy and Ethan went, and imagine our delight when we were named Best Local Brewery!

Thank you. Sincerely, thank you.

It’s important to note that we actually tied for first, sharing the honor with Flying Bison. We couldn’t be more delighted: not only are Tim & Co. wonderful people, but they’ve been open since 2000 and produce beer on a scale an order of magnitude larger than us. To be well known enough, held in high enough regard, to tie for best? That’s quite an accomplishment.

Get your books signed tonight

Do you like books? Do you like beer? Well, that’s a silly question; of course you like beer, you’re reading a brewery’s blog, which now that I think of it strongly implies you like reading as well.

Okay, its settled. You are a voracious reader and therefore the perfect audience for this:


Tonight, the authors of Beer Lover’s New York will be holding a book signing at the brewery! They’ll be here starting at 6: come by for a growler of (ahem) Buffalo’s best beer, then stay to meet Sarah and Giancarlo Annese, who literally wrote the book on the subject.

Bricks & Brews

Next month — July 11th, to be precise — is the Darwin Martin House’s annual Bricks and Brews event. Nine Buffalo and Western New York breweries will be in attendance for your sampling pleasure as you enjoy the Martin House’s grounds.

I am quite certain that the Beer Lover’s New York signing tonight is up your alley, and fairly so that Bricks & Brews is as well. Get your tickets now, as I’m sure it will sell out.

  1. I know! Don’t people know that’s inconvenient for my blogging routine? Harumph.