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The end of days

No, I don’t mean that movie. No, not the other one either (and don’t you think they could have coordinated release dates so as not to confuse me?)

Look at all this cool stuff you can get at the brewery!

Look at all this cool stuff you can get at the brewery!

What I mean is that this is our last week at the Bidwell farmer’s market in 2013. Starting next week we will instead be at the brewery on Saturdays from 11-4. Come down! Say hi! Get a sample, and maybe a glass or two.

Starting next week there will be another change: starting 11/1 our Fridays hours will be 3-7.

There’s plenty of time to make it down, so we hope you can stop in!

Be Prepaired

Sunday, November 3. Bistro Europa. Prepaired.

prepaired3draftWhat is Prepaired, you ask? It’s a beer pairing dinner featuring five courses alongside 10 oz of beer. The beers will be from Breckenridge, Westmalle, Abita, Sixpoint and, of course, Community Beer Works. Each course will have a presentation by Drew Hardin and music will be provided by DJ Cutler.

Our beer will only be available at the dinner: it’s called Dubbel Nutz and is a Belgian style dubbel brewed with four pounds of handmade acorn flour. Yes, acorn flour: Drew is a mad scientist and soaked, extracted and reduced until he was left with the essence of acorns. If this sounds intriguing to you then you should get your tickets now, because there aren’t many available.

Tickets are $75, including tax and tip. For more information you can email Drew at, and for tickets you can call Europa at (716) 884-1100.


Maybe you can’t make it to the brewery. Maybe you’ve never had our beer before. Maybe you don’t know what a Community Beer Works is! (which is odd, as you’re on our website, but stick with me here)

We’ve got you covered: we’re going to have a few tastings at Consumer’s in the area in the upcoming month, all of them on Saturdays from 1-4.

There will also be a tasting at Premier Gourmet in late November or early December; we’re finalizing a date and will let you know.

We’re friendly people! We don’t bite! Well, at least when unprovoked.

Can-ada dry (goods)

The fine folks at the Buffalo Beer League really came through!

The fine folks at the Buffalo Beer League really came through!

The can drive for the Black Rock/Riverside Emergency Food Pantry is in its second week. We’re taking part, offering a $1 discount to anyone who brings in two or more nonperishable goods. There’s been a great response so far, for which we’re very appreciative. Buffalo calls itself “the city of good neighbors” and it’s easy sometimes to think that this is just an empty slogan. It’s really not: you care, deeply, about others, and for that we are very appreciative.

The drive runs through 11/15, so please keep it up! We will also be accepting donations at Bidwell this Saturday.

Fun & excitement just around the corner

We told you that we weren’t doing a fall seasonal, instead opting for a series of one-offs until it was wintertime. That’s still the case, but you would not be out of line to wonder when the next single batch beer will be available.

I don’t have specific dates for you, because beer is temperamental and follows its own muse. However, November will see some new offerings:

First there’s the next installment in the Singularity series: this IPA will use the exact same malt bill as Singularity (Columbus), this time featuring a different hop. Which one in particular? Stay tuned, dear reader.

Then there’s news that will excite many of you, I’m sure. I’ll whisper no more than the style. Come in close, now: double IPA.

Those are the ones we know will be available next month. There are others that will be ready when they’re ready: our winter seasonal; Heatrays, our barleywine; and The Bringer of Nuclear Fire, which the Risk Legacy group is brewing as a farewell to the series this very night!

Oh yes. Truly these are exciting times we live in.