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Beer: a quadriptych

This week I thought I’d try something different: I would drink some beer, and write down what I thought. But not necessarily about the beer, and I won’t tell you what the beer is. Those things don’t matter. Instead, what does drinking the beer make me… Feel? Or think. I don’t know. Let’s have some beer.

Beer 1

Poured into a can shaped glass. Close to perfection, marred by a hint of soy sauce. Camping at dusk. Drinking quickly strips the flavor, though some sticks around on my tongue to say hi after its friends have left.

Beer two

Only having a sip of my wife’s from a can shaped can. Sweet, cidery. Oh, wait, this is cider.

Beer C

Drinking out of a bottle. Bread with honey, then a hailstorm. Paired with chocolate cake with ganache, which was a terrible idea.

The Fourth Beer

I did not drink this beer. It tasted like the dream of a cloud after a drizzle.