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Baskets, hats and Singularity

Christmastime is here

We’ve got a few changes coming up to the ol’ retail hours in the next week.

This week’s just peachy. Business as usual. cap’n.

But! We’re open Monday, 3-7! Frank will be home for Christmas, in your dreams and in your glass.

As a tradeoff: there’s no retail next Thursday, 12/26. Go sledding that day instead. Sledding is fun!

Basket cases

2013-11-27 16.08.53Still need gift ideas? (I admit that I do, much to my chagrin, and Amazon Prime only allows one to dally so much) There’s an old saying: “People who say I’m hard to buy for must not know where to get beer.” You can get beer from us!

As always, we have gift certificates in any amount. Well, maybe not every amount. I would be amused if you tried to buy one for $e but at some point we’d have to give the recipient 28 cents change, and we’re only equipped for sales in integers.

We also have gift baskets, various assortments of growlers, glasses and clothing in dapper wicker baskets ranging in price from $10 to $57. Plus: for each basket over $30 you buy you’re entered into a drawing to win a prepaid growler card! You could pass the $120 worth of beer on to the person who got the gift, or you could claim it as a just reward for being a good person. You decide.

Beer, we’ve got beer here

Last week we had a glut of new beer, and while you put a dent in our supply we do still have some left of each of them.

There is a very tiny amount of The Bringer of Nuclear Fire left. You’ve read the Risk Legacy finale (right? right?), now get the beer! 32oz growlers only, $9 each.

Our monthly allotment of The Double IPA remains, but Rudy doubts it will last through the weekend. If you miss out then it will always be available when it’s brewed in January, but don’t you want some now? Incomplete?

Don’t forget about Oh Snap! Our gingersnap stout, made with ginger and the fanciest Vietnamese cinnamon money can buy, is still around! Unless a ravenous horde of ginger lovers descends on the brewery it should last the weekend, but after that: who knows?

Let’s say you’re a CBW Completionist. You’ve had all these beers already. Sure! We’ve got something for you too. Singularity (Simcoe) will be available Friday! There’s a small possibility it will be tapped today, depending on a few factors, but it will definitely be flowing by tomorrow. It’s the third in our single hop IPA series, with the same malt base as (Columbus) and (Centennial), and as always when it’s gone it’s gone.

Hat’s all, folks

(I was in the passenger seat here, I promise. Don't Instagram and drive.)

(I was in the passenger seat here, I promise. Don’t Instagram and drive.)

(I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.)

If you or someone in your life is feeling a little chilly, remember that it’s important to wear a hat in the winter! “But Dan,” you say, “I don’t have a hat!”

Well, do we have a solution for you!

Presenting: knit hats! Available in green with black stitching or black with white stitching for a mere $15. Stylish and functional! My head’s never been warmer.