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Back to the basics

The tail

Buffalo Beer Week has been over for almost two weeks now, but its ghost had lingered on. Which was a good thing! It was a friendly ghost. Like Casper.

Last week, one by one like characters in a horror movie who for some reason insist on staying at that cabin, our Beer Week special beers ran out. First In A Van, then Wet Frank, followed by Singularity (Columbus) and, finally, Mr. Superfantastisch.

Which means that for the first time in months we’re back to the Usual Four at retail and Bidwell: Frank, The Whale, De Maas and The IPA. You know them, you (hopefully) love them! We’ll have more one-offs and specials soon, but for now let’s go back to our roots.

The face

Okay, we had a week to rest up. Let’s get back to having some events, shall we?

grapesandhopsfinaleditsmallNext Saturday is the big day for us: first there’s the Broadway Market Oktoberfest from 11-4. We did this last year and it was a lot of fun. Come down to the Broadway Market and buy glasses of beer from local breweries. Pair it with food from the market. Take in some of the live music. Have a good time.

Later that night is Grapes and Hops in the Gallery, “a wine, beer, food and art extravaganza” to benefit the Learning Disabilities Association of WNY. From 6-9 there will be CBW and other breweries, wine (I mean, if that’s your sort of thing), food, live music, a documentary about Starlight Studio and a community auction, all to benefit a great cause. Plus: they say there will be prizes! Prizes are cool.

The… legs?

This body metaphor is kind of breaking down.

I still mentally consider the year to “start” in September thanks to 13 years of schooling, but for us there’s a hard break at the end of October.

Starting in November, we’ll no longer be at the Bidwell farmer’s market. Instead, we’ll be back at the brewery from 11-4. We will dearly miss Bidwell but, well, it’s getting cold. It’s nice at the brewery! If you haven’t been down yet you can see where the magic happens. You can have samples! We have brewery-only specials fairly regularly.

You also don’t have to wake up early, which is nice.

November will also bring with it another retail change: as of 11/1 we will close at 7 on Fridays. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but we’ve considered the situation and feel this strikes the best balance between being open for you and still allowing us to see our families.

Now here is a gif of a dog eating pizza

a dog slowly pulling a piece of pizza off a table

Thanks to Mechaphil.

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