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Baby, it’s cold outside

Well, not so much cold anymore as snowy. But I haven’t yet been outside today, so I guess we’ll see.

Tarred and Horsefeathered

We’re not content. No, never content. The status is not quo! Being at one retail location on Saturday? Pshaw! Pshaw, I say.

Instead, starting this Saturday we’ll also be at the Horsefeathers market. From 9-1 this and every Saturday (until it’s warm enough to return to Bidwell) you can find us there on Connecticut & Normal, pouring beer and having fun. Don’t despair. because we’ll still be at our brewery from 11-4: you’re getting double CBW. CBWCBW. 2(CBW).

We’re going to be filling growlers from shiny new kegerators, which is nifty but has fewer taps than CBW HQ. So please, do come and get growlers filled, but be aware that we won’t have quite the selection that we do at the brewery. This week: Frank, The Whale, The IPA and Stout Affective Disorder.

Events aplenty

This is a year old, but it will be much the same: lots of CBW, lots of pods.

This is a year old, but it will be much the same: lots of CBW, lots of pods.

If you read last week’s post (and you did, didn’t you?) then you’d know about the Pizza Plant event we’ve got coming up. Wednesday the 22nd at their Transit location, featuring tons of fun: the debut of Singularity (Falconer’s Flight), the fourth in our single hop IPA series (although yes, Falconer’s Flight is a blend of hops, it’s a single proprietary blend and shh move along). Add to that a cask of double dry hopped The IPA and a few other surprises. Get to Pizza Plant!

But also: the very next day, Thursday the 23rd, we’ve got a vegetarian beer pairing dinner at Merge. Tickets are $45 and available at Brown Paper Tickets. The menu? Why, how about:

  • Cream of Mushroom Soup with Dijon Bavarian Pretzel
  • BBQ Bean Curd Sliders with gruyere cheese, horseradish aioli, and pickled vegetable slaw
  • Potato Gnocchi with nicoise olives, red onion, baby arugula, roasted red potatoes, and parmesan chips in a roasted garlic and white wine sauce
  • Pecan Pie with homemade ice cream


Don’t forget: we’re starting the CBW Book Club, with the first installment being The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli. We haven’t set a date for the actual get together yet, so you have plenty of time to get and read the book. How to get it? Well, if six or more of you order it from Talking Leaves then you get a 15% discount! Their price is $19.95 plus tax (about $21.70), but with the discount it would come down to about $18.50. If you’re interested, you have until Monday, 1/27 to email me. Let me know you want a copy and on the 27th I’ll give them a list of names.

If you need a reason to read it: I’m still near the beginning and I’ve already found a Buffalo connection and discovered that one of the pioneer craft breweries started out at a 1.5 bbl brewhouse, just like us.

Get the book. Read the book. Drink some beer. Talk about the book.