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As it was foretold

The return

It’s back, ladies and gentlemen.

2013-11-01 14.50.03Starting today, until it runs out, we once again have The Double IPA. If you’ve forgotten: it’s a 9.25% abv beer, surprisingly enough a double IPA, which is similar in name but not in flavor to The IPA. Whereas The IPA is dominated by citrus, The Double IPA brings dank resin to the table.

We can only brew this once a month, so when it’s gone it’s gone. If you do miss out this month then never fear: it will return in January. But doesn’t it just seem easier to stop down to the brewery today?

Nuclear Fire continues to be brought

My sincere thanks to everyone who came out to Sterling Place on Tuesday for the final game of Risk Legacy and the debut of our Risk-inspired beer, The Bringer of Nuclear Fire.

There will be more about the event and the final game on Tuesday. For now, the important part is answering a question we’ve gotten repeatedly: will it be available for growler fills at retail?

Yes. Until it’s gone, which will be fairly soon.

Like Heatrays, this imperial milk stout with ancho and chipotle chilis is going to be available in half growlers only for $9. I know I have to say this, being one of the owners and all, but it turned out really well! There’s a bit of heat that grows but never becomes overwhelming, and its drinkability belies its 9.6% abv.

In which I do not drink enough beer for Rudy’s taste

We have 10 taps at the brewery, but generally only five or six are flowing at any one time. Rudy has taken to using tap 10 for test batches he’s made, urging the other owners to take growlers home with them.

Here's to a great run, Risk Crew

Here’s to a great run, Risk Crew

And urging, and urging, and finally getting fed up because we’re just not draining those kegs at an acceptable rate.

Our sloth is your gain, because you can now get samples of test batches at the brewery.

To reiterate: these are samples, not growler fills, and they’ll change when the keg kicks. Come early, come often, see early incarnations of a beer that’s on the market! See what might be coming up. See… what never was. It should be mentioned that these are recipes which were (or will be) changed before being considered final, so something might seem a little… off. It’s science. Don’t question science.

The order of kegs:

  • Stout Affective Disorder prototype (with licorice root and British ale yeast)
  • Super hoppy simcoe and galaxy IPA prototype
  • Stout Affective Disorder prototype (with 50/50 British and American ale yeasts)
  • Cherry Rutherford
  • And then… who knows!

But wait, that’s not all!

I asked Rudy if there was anything exciting coming up. He proceeded to fill my inbox with excitement. It overflowed. I got some excitement on my desktop. I’m going to have to rent a ccleaner to get it all out.

Oh Snap!

Oh Snap!

Assuming all goes well, he says, Singularity (Simcoe) will be kegged next Friday. As with the other Singularities this uses the same malt bill and only changes the hop: this time, entirely simcoe. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for when those kegs are actually tapped.

There’s still a bit left of Singularity (Centennial)! Yes, last week we said we were all out. Then Ethan found some kegs that had been hiding in the cooler, so our gain is, well, also your gain. There’s only a growler or two left, so if you’d like it I encourage you to make a mad Black Friday-style assault on the brewery at 3 pm today. Thanks to the Bringer of Nuclear Fire, tap 10 and other fun things this means that for 15 minutes or so, until the keg of (Centennial) kicks, all 10 taps of ours will be flowing!

Did you head to the Buffalo Cask Festival this weekend? Oh Snap! (the exclamation point is mandatory) seemed to be a pretty big hit. We took our stout and added in Vietnamese cinnamon and ginger to make it resemble a gingersnap. I wasn’t at Mister Goodbar for very long but even so people asked me if they could get growler fills of it. “No,” I said. “This is all there is!”

Which was true. But no longer.

Much like The Double IPA, once Rudy tasted his creation he wanted more (more, more, more). A proper batch of it has been made, and then kegged, and oh what’s this? It’s available now? Well, that’s cool.

I’m not really sure what to make of his final email. He told me to wish you all a Superfantastisch Christmas? I’m not sure what that means. Curiouser and curiouser…