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If you keep up with us on both Twitter and Facebook, well, this Thirsty Thursday update may seem a little boring to you. We’re sorry. Here, watch a puppy play in snow in slow motion.

(You might want to watch that anyway. It’s really cute.)

Let’s start with the time sensitive item: do you want to go to Beerology at the Science Museum on April 9? Then you should stop reading this post and buy your ticket right the hell now. Okay. Welcome back. Glad you got in before they sold out.

This isn’t about CBW directly, but’s article Nano Breweries—Talk of the Craft Beer Nation. It’s mostly directed at people who haven’t heard of the nano movement, and if you’re here then you have, but it’s certainly worth a read.

Mmm. Beer. Good. Yes.

All that fancy readin’ too much for you? Well then Fox News has a video for you to feast your eyes on: representatives from Schlafly, Saranac and Lazy Magnolia were on to talk about the ‘beer stimulus’ program, a bill not passed in the last Congress that they hope to get introduced in the current one to lower the excise tax on small brewers.

Just because we’re interested in tickling all of your senses, one by one, we’ll give you some audio too: we haven’t been linking to each week’s episode of Craft Beer Talk, but they certainly have been working on in our absence: the latest show features a vertical tasting of Bigfoots.

And then, finally, it’s Words With Friends time. I believe the only update this week was Elizabeth’s victory over Josh. She’s 3-0, people. Assuming Michelle and Eric ever finish their second round game*, maybe someone will be able to step up and sotp her (*’blah blah blah moving 800 miles blah’: EXCUSES EXCUSES)

But wait! Are you an Android user? Well, a tad late for the tourney, but you’ll be set for next time, because Words With Friends is now available on the too-cool-for-iOS marketplace.