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An oncoming deluge of beer

First: a beer festival

11x17-craftnewyork2013-finalThis Saturday, 11/16, is the Craft New York Beer Fest in Syracuse. We’ll be one of the 24 NYS breweries in attendance, bringing The Whale and The IPA.

Tickets are $40, $50 at the door (with $15 for designated drivers), so if you’re from parts east or don’t mind driving then you should most definitely come down!

Then: Some bad news

The Double IPA, after taking Buffalo by storm, has retired to The Double IPA Cave to take a nap.

Yes, we are all out of it for right now, though you might still be able to find some at bars. But: do not despair! Although it was conceived as a one-off, as soon as Rudy tasted the finished product he knew he wanted to make it again.

It’s going to be brewed once a month, because that is unfortunately all we can manage with the hops we have. So: it’s gone now. But: It will be back before Christmas!

Expect a “Yes, Virginia” reference on the blog in about a month.

But wait: fun & excitement!

Sure, we’re out of one beer. But what if I told you that next week we would have two new ones for you to try?

Too bad. I’m not going to say that.

We’re going to have three.

Okay, this is actually a picture of The Double IPA. But I can't take pictures of beer that doesn't exist yet!

Okay, this is actually a picture of The Double IPA. But I can’t take pictures of beer that doesn’t exist yet!

First up is the second installment in our Singularity series: Singularity (Centennial). Brewed using the same malt bill as Singularity (Columbus), this beer features only Centennial hops. Centennials: learn them, love them, drink them.

Then we’re going to be debuting our winter seasonal: Stout Affective Disorder. It’s a Light American Lager! Nah, I’m just joshin’. It’s a stout. Clocking in at 5.4%, it will be hitting the town early next week. So it will most certainly be at retail next week, and depending on the bars you might see it on tap elsewhere before that.

Finally, next Thursday will herald the return of Heatrays. Well, last year you knew it as Funkrays, but this year our American Barleywine has dropped the Brettanomyces yeast. We’d like to make it a Thanksgiving tradition, so come pick up a half growler to pair with your turkey! (Of course, next week you can get a half growler to try, and then the next week you can get it for Thanksgiving. But more on that next section.) It’s going to be available in half growlers only, because it’s a dang barleywine! You can get a fill for $9.

Oh, just one more thing. We don’t have a final date yet, but you might want to keep some days in early December open. The Bringer of Nuclear Fire, our Imperial Milk Stout with ancho and chipotle chilis, is going to be making its debut at Sterling Place. Not just that: we’re going to play the final game in our Risk Legacy campaign with a live studio audience. Come cheer me on! Or someone else, I guess, but you’re reading my blog so saying “Go Kahn!” is kind of a jerk move, don’t you think? I should have details for you next week.

Finally: Come say hi

As always, you can come in today or tomorrow from 3-7 and Saturday from 11-4. We also have a few tastings coming up: next Saturday (11/23) Rudy will be at the Sheridan Consumer’s from 1-4. The next week (11/30) I’ll be at Premier Gourmet from 1-3.

We aren’t going to be open on Thanksgiving. Hopefully that’s neither shocking nor disappointing. But: we will be open 3-7 the day before (11/27) for all your pre-Thanksgiving needs.

This isn’t strictly a CBW event, but if you’re a homebrewer and/or like beer and roller girls then you should check out the Buffalo Beer & Beards Competition on 12/7. It’s a homebrew competition (entries due 11/27, and we’re a dropoff point!), beard competition (judged by the Rochester Beardsmen) and holiday party hosted by the Queen City Roller Girls!