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See you tonight

That’s right, tonight is the Art of Beer at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center. Tickets are still available, though you’ve missed out on the advance sales and will have to buy them at the door now (I’ve been telling you to get them for weeks!).

Behold: Singularity (Northern Brewer)!

Behold: Singularity (Northern Brewer)!

We’ll be there, as will a plethora of other local breweries, to serve samples to go with the music, food and artwork on display. I’m really looking forward to it!

And tomorrow

So, you get the workday off before having another great event to get to: our cask takeover at Mister Goodbar. Four casks are getting tapped tomorrow, and they’re gone when they’re gone. So it’s conceivable that you could take Friday off, but by the end of the weekend there might be slim pickings. The beer available:

  • The IPA cask hopped with Citra
  • Espresso Whale
  • Dank Frank (Frank cask hopped with Chinook)
  • Green Bottle Saison (a saison blended with Mr. Superfantastisch, our berlinerweisse)

And the fattest of Tuesdays

That’s right: three whole days off until we coax you out of the house again.

Sterling Place is having a Fat Tuesday party starting at 6. In addition to some great food and a cask of Flying Bison’s Helldiver, they’ll have a few special treats from us:

  • Espresso Whale
  • Sour Cherry Stout
  • Singularity (Northern Brewer)
  • Saison

And next Wednesday

It’s less than one week until the first CBW Book Club, hosted at Mister Goodbat at 7!

The-Audacity-of-HopsMaybe you haven’t finished reading The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli yet. That’s okay. Here’s my dirty secret: I’ve been really busy, and am only about 2/3 of the way done. I’m going to be powering through beforehand, of course! Can’t run a book club discussion not having read the book. But if you only read some of it, that’s completely fine. Don’t forget that this is a beer gathering, and craft beer drinkers are incredibly friendly. Come on down!

Well, up. It’s on the second floor of Goodbar. Come on up.

And Saturday

Huff, huff, huff… I’m getting winded just listing these events!

Next Saturday is Beerology at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Just as the Art of Beer highlights beer’s artful aspects, Beerology is all about its science. In addition to beer tastings there are also talks on the science of beer and homebrewing.

VIP tickets have already sold out, and general admission doubtlessly will as well before Saturday.

And April 5th!

Here’s some advance notice: keep Saturday, April 5th free.

Our second anniversary isn’t until April 20th, but, well, we’re doing things a little earlier this year.

Cole’s. Goodbar. More details in the future.