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Also sprach brite tanks

Let’s get the important bits out of the way first, in case you get distracted or have to go make a sandwich or you discover your room is actually on fire.

This very night, Thursday 6/21, we’ll once again have retail hours from 3-7pm. Come by and get a growler! See the space. We’ll be brewing, so everything will be like the brewery normally is except significantly hotter. Just what you need on a day like today!


I feel like I may have gone off message just now.

There won’t be any retail hours tomorrow: instead we’ll be bringing beer to Citybration’s Sunset Reception at City Hall. Hopefully we’ll see you there. CITYBRATION! It’s fun to yell in an excited manner. Try it.

This Saturday we’ll also be back at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8 until 1, or until we run out of beer. It’s been an absolute blast to be a part of the market, and we’ve enjoyed seeing everyone: we have regulars, now! People seem to like the idea of a weekly stop to get a growler as much as we do, which is fantastic.

We’re still not ready to announce permanent retail hours. Check Facebook and Twitter on Monday or Tuesday to see when and if we’ll be filling growlers at 15 Lafayette. We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: what we need is to make more beer, and we need a bigger capacity to do it.


Like, say, two 3 bbl brite tanks. What’s that? They arrived today? Oh, cool.

It will probably be a month before we start getting beer out of these bad boys. Along with the glycol system we received last week they aren’t quite plug and play: things need to be plumbed. That’s coming, and soon, but I want to be sure you understand that while tonight I will be prostrating myself before these stainless behemoths like the start of 2001 the results won’t be immediate.

Then soon afterward we’ll be getting more fermenters, allowing us to make more beer allowing us to buy more fermenters allowing us to make more beer in a wonderful echo chamber of beer.

I hope to see you some time in the next three days!

One comment on “Also sprach brite tanks

  1. captwasabi on

    With the 2001 reference, I get the vision of the apes with sticks monking around… oy, such a vision. Happy brewing, lads.

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