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Your intrepid blogger is out of town this week, and probably not even drinking too much beer besides a trip to the Cambridge Brewing Company! A pity, we know. As such, this was either composed via the new 802.11m standard, the m standing for ‘mind,’ it being transcribed entirely via thoughts, or it was written a week ago.

We’ll let you decide!

Apologies for the shortness, but we do come bearing some news! The Buffalo Spree beer issue we mentioned two weeks back is now largely available online, or at least the parts we’re in are (no profiles of CBW’s homebrewing friends, for some reason, but then the features have been trickling in steadily, and hey: this was written a week ago)

Image from the Buffalo Spree

So, you can read Phoenix Rising: A Hoppy History by Jay Pawlowski, which details the brewing history of Buffalo and includes a bit on CBW (and a quote from me, no less!) at the end.

There’s also The Brewed: Two centuries of beer in Buffalo by Ron Ehmke, a timeline of Buffalo’s beer history. Again, we’re mentioned at the end, under 2010’s events.

Finally, and we swear there were articles that didn’t mention us but you’ll have to go out and buy the issue to see for yourself, 17 beers to impress your beer-snob friends (without breaking the bank) by Kevin Purdy gets beer recommendations from Joe McBane at Rochester’s Tap & Mallet, Blue Monk’ Mike Shatzel and our very own Ethan Cox.

Then let’s go to the Community Beer Works Words With Friends bracket! As of 3/4 it looks like this:

(direct link)

The semifinals are under way, and may indeed be done by now! Both Elizabeth and Brian will still have quite a while to wait, however, as the rest of the bracket spots fill up.

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      i see from the bracket that i’m supposed to play diatonic so i initiated that game, let me know if that was incorrect

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