About Community Beer Works

Who is CBW?

Community Beer Works has been brewing quality, award-winning beer in Buffalo, NY since 2012.

Our goal is to foster a sense of togetherness and place, enriching our communities and bringing people together through the love of great beer. CBW’s foundation is firmly cemented in the City of Good Neighbors, but we work hard to be an integral part of every community that welcomes us.

Build community in all that you do and good things happen!

Meet CBW!


Chris Smith

Co-Founder, Guy Who Does the Stuff

Chris is CBW’s “brewery dad”. What does that mean? Lots of things: listening, strategic planning, branding, marketing, sales, investor/vendor/partner relations, finance, etc.

But mostly it’s about empowering our amazing team to do the things they love to do!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Our OG, our first, our classic tried and true, Frank American Pale Ale!

Operations & Finance



Justin Frost

Director of Operations

Justin oversees the daily operations of our brewery and is our in-house expert at “herding cats” (both literal and figurative cats).

He’s done just about every job there is to do at CBW and knows our business inside and out. Justin is our number one go-to-guy!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

The best year-round brown ale ever brewed, The Whale!

Brewing & Packaging



Ryan Demler

Director of Brewing Operations

Ryan manages the beer-making side of CBW, including our brewing facilities and team members, recipe design, ingredients, and collaborations at both our West Side headquarters and our partner brewstation at Hydraulic Hearth.

And he makes a killer bologna sandwich!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Dreizehn, a dynamite German-Style Pilsner from our Hydraulic Hearth brewstation.


Robert Turley

Head Brewer

Robert tirelessly leads the production, recipe development and quality control of every beer that comes out of our West Side brewery.

That combination of creativity and hard work is what Robert absolutely loves about brewing—and it shows in his beer!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

The Whale (a perfect brown ale for all seasons and reasons), and bourbon barrel-aged Bindlestiff Barleywine.


Vandra Ruppel

Head Brewer at Hydraulic Hearth

Vandra manages the daily operations and beer development at our Hydraulic Hearth brewstation, and is part of the production team at our West Side brewing headquarters.

To Vandra, being a brewer means that she’s always learning and exploring new flavors and techniques!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Hydraulic Hearth staple Ein Bier Bitte Hefeweizen and The Whale (it’s wonderful to make and enjoy!).


Justin Daugherty

Packaging & Warehouse Manager

Justin oversees beer packaging at our West Side brewery, which includes running our canning line, ordering packaging supplies, and managing storage in our cooler and warehouse.

CBW’s official Admiral of Yacht Rock also makes frequent cameos on our social media!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

2020 GABF gold-medal winning The Snow Imperial Stout, and Gose With Strawberry & Lemon Sour Ale.


Chris ”Pepper” Jones

Lead Cellarman

Pepper leads the “cold side” of our production by monitoring fermentation, dry-hopping and filtering beer, and making sure every last drop is ready for packaging.

Enjoying a beer after seeing it through the whole brewing process is among Pepper’s favorite things!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

GABF bronze-winning That IPA, Interrobang IPA and Dude Incredible Sour Stout with Raspberries.

Sales, Marketing & Advertising 



David “Geech” Giczkowski

Director of Sales

Dave manages the sales and distribution of CBW across Western New York and throughout NY and NJ!

He leads our sales team and oversees CBW beer that is sold in stores, restaurants and bars, plus the relationships with those resale and distribution partners.

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Our big, aromatic and robust DIPAs, Thick & Sticky and Fat Rips, and The Whale Brown Ale.


Chris Groves

Marketing Director

Chris oversees the brand identity for everything that bears the name, image or voice of Community Beer Works.

His creative touch is visible on everything from our beer can labels to our sales signage and ads, and even the look and feel of our taproom and delivery VAN!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Import Export Export-Style Stout, Interrobang IPA, and Gose With Mixed Berry Sour Ale.


Andrew Kulaszewski

Taproom Hospitality Manager

Andrew recently joined our sales team and is helping spread the good word of Community Beer Works beer!

A lifelong Bills fan and avid Lego collector, Andrew is very young at heart and takes pride in helping people have a good time!

CBW Beer Selects 🍻

Anything sour! Especially Lloyd Snozzberry Sour and our latest Mellow Dreamin’ Smoothie Sour.