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ABH: Always B. Haze

Bidwell Bidwell Bidwell Bidwell

That works like “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo,” right?

This is the last week I’ll be bugging you, but please do remember that this Saturday we won’t be at HQ, but will be at the Bidwell farmer’s market 8-1. That goes for every Saturday until the weather goes south for the winter, so update your records.

There aren’t any practical changes to how retail works, except that we’ll only have four taps available. This week that means no Whale: we’re sorry! We’re still open at the brewery every Thursday 3-7 and Friday 3-8 with our full lineup.

Have some free time?

Not anymore, you don’t.

Hmm, that Buffalo logo looks familiar!

Hmm, that Buffalo logo looks familiar!

Remember when I said that TAP NY would be the end of big events for us for a while? Ha!

American Craft Beer Week is May 13-19. That’s next week! CBW will be holding hands with Flying Bison and taking a stroll down to Sterling Place on Tuesday (5/14) at 7. Get your local beer on while sampling John’s famous beef on weck. We’ll have Frank, The Whale, De Maas and The IPA in tow, with our neighbors bringing their kolsch, oatmeal stout, IPA and maibock. Folks from both breweries will be on hand, so come on down!

What are you doing Saturday the 25th? How about a Buffalo brewery tour? It starts with lunch at Ulrich’s while you listen to a lecture by Jim Daley on Buffalo during Prohibition, followed by a walk to the Phoenix brewery. Then the group will board a bus and take a trip to CBW and Flying Bison for tours and tastings. Inspired by our present, the bus then visits our past in the form of a stop at the Iriquois brewery and a tour of Simon Pure. Tickets are $40, which includes lunch, and can be ordered from Peter at  (716) 440-7985.

CBW ascendant

The view from Coulter Bay last week.

The view from Coulter Bay last week.

You can now find us on tap at Hyde Park Steakhouse in the Galleria mall!

This is in addition to the new locations from last week: Colter Bay, Carmello’s and Alternative Brews. As always a full list of our locations is available on our FAQ. Yes, I think the Hyde Park Steakhouse being next to Merge alphabetically is pretty funny too.

Yes yes, how about a new beer?

I did hint that we’d have our summer beer available this month, didn’t I?

As much as everyone (me included) loves The Soft Bulletin, it’s our winter seasonal. Seasonals come and seasonals go, and it’s time for winter to sleep on the roof for a bit.

Announcing: Rutherford B. Haze, a wheaty Belgian style pale ale. It clocks in at 5.4% abv and will be ready for growler fills during Thursday 5/29’s retail hours.

A brief insight into the naming process: we wanted something to do with haze, or hazy, as we liked the connotation of hanging out outside during the summer, taking things easy. We eventually found ourselves consulting the Word Hippo (because of course there’s a website called when Ethan said “Rutherford B. Haze?” I must have said “Yes! Yes!” four times in a row. I started to explain why when Chris interrupted me.

“I know, Dan,” he said. “You like puns. I read the blog.”

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