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A week of events

Vote for us!

Last night Jess Novak alerted us on Twitter: The Daily Meal is holding a survey for the 50 best breweries in the US. We’re in the running! We would be ever so chuffed if you’d vote for us. We’re up against some real heavyweights: your Alchemists, your Hill Farmsteads, your Russian Rivers. Being a nanobrewery makes us nimble but carries with it some rather serious hampering of our ability to mobilize a mob of adoring fans.

There’s no registration or Facebook required: it’s just a Surveymonkey page. We are small, yes, but let’s show the country that Buffalo’s beer drinkers are devoted.

Chin(ook) up

Did you miss getting your hands on Singularity (Chinook) last week? Well, good news: there’s still some left!

We have at least two full 1/6 bbl kegs of our tenth single hopped IPA left, so while you don’t exactly need to rush I wouldn’t necessarily dawdle either. We should be fine on the rest of our beers with the exception of The Whale: we’re on our last keg of that for the week, so if you’d like some brown ale you might want to come in today.

On Duality

Yes, and what of (Chinook)’s dry hopped cousin, Duality? Last week we said that Mister Goodbar would likely be tapping the only cask of it in existence this week, but that’s not going to be the case: tomorrow they’re having a Flying Bison cask even, so you should definitely go check that out (and vote for Flying Bison in the poll as well!). As for Duality: it will be tapped Friday the 25th.

Oh, and the second hop? How about citra?

Drew, the mastermind behind Duality

Drew, the mastermind behind Duality

And then tomorrow

Tomorrow is the annual Bricks and Brews event at the Darwin Martin House. Tickets are still available for this event, which will let you sample nine local breweries on the Martin house grounds!

And then this weekend

You know it’s the Taste of Buffalo this weekend, right? Before you get too excited, no: our beer will not be there. Come on: we’re tiny! We couldn’t possibly supply enough. However, Ethan will be there: Sunday at 3:30 he will be giving a homebrew demonstration along with the Niagara Association of Homebrewers.

Immediately afterward Chef Frank Mercado will be on stage demonstrating some recipes to highlight the possibilities of cooking with beer, using none other than CBW!

And next week

Our second — of four — trips to the Downtown Country Market will be next Thursday. Stop by between 11 and 2:30 to get a growler filled.

Not to mention

Also next Thursday: Grapes and Hops in the Gallery! Enjoy beer (and wine, if you absolutely must1), food and music in the Starlight Studio and Art Gallery while looking at the artwork of 40+ artists with learning disabilities.

What then?

Is this not enough? It’s going to be one hell of a week. See you next Thursday.

  1. See, I can make wine puns too!