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A week in the life

I’m not sure if anyone actually keeps up with the dumb title I gave this Tuesday blog series over two years ago, or possibly even that there is a Tuesday blog series, but I decided to call it “My Embeered Life”. The thinking was that beer has crept into every nook and cranny of my life, and even when I’m not doing something related to beer it, well, generally kinda is.

Chris described it as Jon Stewart in Half Baked: “you ever seen the back of a 20 dollar bill… On beer?”

So, in the spirit of that, here are the beer and beer-adjacent things I’ve been up to.

What I’m drinking

  • Flying Dog’s Counter Culture, which I absolutely loved
  • Black Button citrus forward gin, though I’ve been getting back into the swing of beer after my wine vacation
  • Lervig Aktiebryggeri’s Lucky Jack, which I snagged in a Six Pack Club
  • The Buffalo Brewers series, of course!
Oh do I have plans for that group...

Oh do I have plans for that group…

What I’m reading

  • This review of Wild Beer Co’s Ninkasi: I quite like the distinction between appreciating a beers quality and having to like it
  • Meetings that don’t suck: CBW doesn’t have many meetings, and I wouldn’t say they suck, but we could certainly improve some things, and this gave me few bits of (mostly indirect) inspiration
  • The Curative Power of Beer and Rhubarb: more rhubarb than beer, but still an interesting read
  • Neverwinter Campaign Setting: it may be for the previous version, but seeing as our D&D group will be heading there when we meet next week I thought I should read up
  • Three Sheets to the Wind: or at least I will be soon, since I finally remembered to order it from Talking Leaves for our next book club

That’s me. How’s your embeered life been going?