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A trio of topics

I promised you one week away from Kickstarter topics. Sorry.

Item the first: Glassware

Technically, this is also about shirts. But! The growlers and pint glasses for our Kickstarter backers should be ordered by tomorrow. This is essentially only waiting on me, as I have to actually create the final images for the growlers, and I’m currently writing this post. Immediately after I’m done, I promise!

To order glasses, we need both a glass type and a design, right? We do, and we bet you’d like to see what they look like, right? Well first let us introduce Mister Willi Becher, also known internally as Slick Willi:

We really like the look of these glasses. We’re hardly the first brewery to use them, of course, but nor are we the five millionth brewery to use shaker pints. “Anything but a shaker” was something Ethan espoused with a ferocity I normally reserve for people who misuse “you’re” and “your,” and he was right.

Now, then, what design will be on the glasses and t shirts? We tapped Ryan Bedford for our design, who you might recognize as the person behind the posters for Blue Monk. This design is, well, simply awesome:

I can’t wait to drink our beer out of this glass.

Item the second: Kickstarter surveys

This doesn’t affect very many of you, but there are still 13 of you who haven’t filled out the Kickstarter survey to give us your contact information and shirt size. Only six of those are getting a shirt (and so need to give us their size), but still: respond, folks! We need to be able to customize your stuff.

Item the third: SOPA and Godaddy

This is unrelated to beer, but it’s still very important. The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, is a thing, and it’s very bad (thanks to Julia Burke for the link). Its Senate counterpart, the Protect IP Act (PIPA), is also bad. This is what happens when your internet is legislated by your grandfather. If you haven’t yet, you need to contact your senators and representatives to tell them how bad of an idea this is.

In a move that should be unsurprising to everyone, not only does Godaddy support SOPA, but it helped write the bill (and is exempt from it). Well, they “withdrew support” of the bill after lots and lots of people moved their domains to other registrars, but that’s like someone saying they’ll no longer visit Reddit at work because they got caught browsing it all day. I had never liked their marketing, and had switched my personal domains from Godaddy when its CEO posted a video bragging about killing an elephant in Zimbabwe: the point is that the company and its head are kind of assholes.

Quite honestly, I had forgotten that when we started Community Beer Works the registration for the domain was through Godaddy. Had I remembered I’d have pushed for us to move to Namecheap when I did (or, really, anywhere but Godaddy). Thankfully, Ethan brought it up and so we’re in the process of doing the transfer now (that is, if Godaddy doesn’t drag their feet). I bring this up to remind you about SOPA/PIPA, to show that we’re committed to online freedoms and to explain why our site may appear to be down at some point in the near future.

Now then, to stop being so serious for a minute, allow me to present two hockey drinking gifs.

5 comments on “A trio of topics

  1. Timothy Leary on

    Funny Hockey clips. SOPA is bad, yes I signed. Go daddy who? I like the logo design. The actual glass is shaped different than the logo glass, but so what. Now I got to go post to my blog.

    • Dan on

      As I was writing this post I noticed the irony in the design holding shakers. But hey: it’s full of straight lines, so Willis would look out of place.

  2. Dennis on

    what a great update – the glasses look great and i am glad to see that you managed to avoid the shaker.

    special props for the hockey drinking gifs.

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