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A trio of returning beer

Rompin’, Stompin’

The big news this week is of the impending opening of Buffalo’s very own Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. We’re excited, and not just for the brisket: when you head in for some low-and-slow cooked meats, you’ll be able to find us on tap!

(For the sake of transparency I have to admit that I’m doubtful their food is actually dinosaur meat, but it tastes good anyway)

The weekly tap update

The Buffalo Beer League enjoying last week's festival

The Buffalo Beer League enjoying last week’s festival

Do you remember the times when it’d be weeks or months between the release of new beer from us? What a quaint time that was! Here’s a rundown:

  • Singularity (Falconer’s Flight) has, regrettably, met its end. Stay tuned for the fifth installment of our single hop IPA series.
  • In C, our proto-Frank with citra hops, is still alive and kicking.
  • Espresso Whale, made with local beans from public, has returned!
  • The Double IPA is released once per month, and that time is now. $16/64 oz, $9/32 oz, get it while you can or be forced to wait until March.
  • After a brief hiatus, the samples-only Tap 10 is once again flowing with test batches, prototypes and other B sides that Rudy’s concocted. It’s currently what he’s calling “Hop Burst v2”, the second stab at an incredibly hoppy IPA. The first, you might recall, was simply too bitter. He’s scaled that back but it’s still not quite there. Try a sample and see for yourself!

Festivals abound

It really does seem like there are two seasons for beer fests: summer (BCTC through the Beer Geek Fest) and winter. Last Saturday we went to the Buffalo Winter Brewfest and I was pleased with the mix of people who knew all about us already and those who hadn’t heard of us before but were interested.

Then next week is Buffalo on Tap, where our beer will be featured at the Consumer’s table.

After that it’s Beerology on March 8, for all your beer-and-science needs (and who doesn’t need beer and science?)

Actually, I guess I was wrong. There is no “season,” just a steady stream of festivals, because not long after that is March 22 and the Craft New York Beer Fest in Syracuse, highlighting all the great beer our state has to offer.

Beyond festivals there are plenty of other events coming up, but more on those next week.