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A tour of accounts: Hertel Ave

Via intrepid Beer Celebrity Brendon Van Allen (alias: Boris Van Helsing): let’s go on a tour of some of the places you can find our beer! Every Wednesday we’ll take a trip through somewhere old, somewhere new, somewhere borrowed and somewhere blue.

This week: the burgeoning north of Buffalo.

An old favorite: Més Que

Address: 1420 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216


Fun fact: Everything I know about soccer I learned from Eurotrip

The new hotness: Mac’s


Address: 1435 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216


Fun fact: Rumored to be named after Little Mac from the NES game Punch Out

The ghost of Hertel future: Lloyd Taco Factory


Address: 1487 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14216 (not yet open)


Fun fact: They really love it when you pluralize their name!