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A song of casks and fire

Cask Festival!

Nothing but the fanciest for you, Buffalo

Nothing but the fanciest for you, Buffalo

This Friday and Saturday (that’s starting tomorrow, at least if you’re reading this Thursday) is the Buffalo Cask Festival. It’s one of Rudy’s favorite events, and as such we always try to make it special.

It’s hosted jointly by Cole’s and Mister Goodbar, with each place getting one 10 gallon cask from us. As it was last year, we won’t actually know which cask goes where most likely until the day of. Check our Twitter feed for more information! What are your choices? Well, how about these:

  • Espresso Whale: Yes, we have once again taken our brown ale and added in some Sumatran espresso from Blue Mountain Coffee. If you think The Whale has natural coffee notes (and it does), wait until you try it with espresso!
  • Oh Snap!: I walked into the brewery last week and something smelled awesome. It turns out I was smelling ginger, which was added along with (extra fancy!) cinnamon to make a ginger snap stout.

These are both very limited: 10 gallons of each, one to Cole’s and one to Goodbar. How limited? I’m working retail tomorrow and will be stopping in beforehand because otherwise I won’t get any!

Taste it

Also tomorrow: a tasting at the Hertel Village Beer Merchant. We’ve been to Consumer’s and Premier recently. Did you think we’d forgotten about the VBM? No, never!

CBW Intern Extraordinaire, Mister Bob Turley will be serving up samples and smiles (if he is not smiling please let us know immediately and he will be duly punished).

The Bringer of Nuclear Fire

Coming soon to a stout near you

Coming soon to a stout near you

It’s an exciting week for beer events. The cask festival will have barely ended when on Tuesday we launch the Bringer of Nuclear Fire! Starting at 7, the Risk Legacy group will be in attendance to sip the beer we made together. It’s an imperial milk stout with ancho and chipotle peppers: in moderation, of course, there more for the flavor and a subtle, smokey heat than to give you an overt burning sensation.

If Risk is your thing, we’re also going to be playing the final game in our campaign! Yes, it’s taken a whopping nine months, but we’ll be playing the fifteenth game. There will be lots of great beer, a wonderful crowd of people and gratuitous swearing when Alex keeps rolling 1s. Why would you not be there?