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A pair of introductions

You know how sometimes our weekly update is essentially “everything’s still going great, nothing to report,” but with a layer of entertaining wordplay mixed in? (…he wrote, humbly) Well, this week is nothing like that. Strap in for  excitement!

Introducing The Jam #2: The Answer IPA

Remember me? Full of The Answer.

At 7.5%ABV it’s the heftiest beer we’ve offered so far. Hopwise it’s got60 IBUs spread out between Zeus for bittering; Summit, Centennial and Cascade at flame-out; and more Zeus, Cascade and Centennial for dry hopping.

That’s right, we’ve been sitting on a Jam. We had to do something for the 42nd batch mentioned last week, and either that makes sense to you or it doesn’t. Not telling you about this beer has been killing me! We hope the surprise is worth it.

Reaction to The Jam #1: Manifest IPA, the first in our Jam one-off series, was overwhelmingly positive. Almost too positive: many people didn’t get to try it, and those that did didn’t get as much as they wanted. If it makes you feel better, I only had half a glass of it myself.

We’ve fixed that this time: we brewed twice as much, so you should have a much better chance at getting a pint at a bar or filling a growler with us. It’s been delivered to Mister Goodbar, Cole’s and Blue Monk. We don’t control when it goes on, but Goodbar has let us know it’s on right now, so go get some! We will have at least a sixtel at the Bidwell farmer’s market — the same amount we had of Manifest — the next two weeks.

Plastic! 3 bbl each of Frank (left) and The Whale (right)

“But Dan,” you say. “I’ll be out at Blue Monk all Friday night drinking The Answer! You expect me to be at a farmer’s market before 9? Can’t you have retail hours at the brewery?”


Introducing regular retail hours at the brewery

Our plastic fermenters are finally online, meaning we’re producing more beer, meaning we can have retail hours. At last!

Every Friday, from 3-7pm, come on down to 15 Lafayette Ave, 14213 and get your growler filled.

This week and next we’ll have The Answer. Beyond that we’ll see how much is left, and will have it on as long as possible.

Also, a note: we may not have retail hours Friday 8/10. That’s the Buffalo Brewfest, and also a brewday, so our workforce may be split between the two. We’ll let you know soon.

Well, was that good enough for you? I hope to see all of you some time in the next two days!

5 comments on “A pair of introductions

  1. Jamie on

    Great to hear of the regular hours for growler fill. Now… when will we be able to fill our corny kegs? Heck, I’ll clean/sanitize and purge, you just dump 5 gallons of beer in we’ll be good 🙂
    Keep moving forward guys, look forward to seeing you at the beerfest next week!

    • Dan on

      Jamie, filling cornies will come… eventually. We need to be able to make enough beer first! If you have a specific date in mind you can always email us to see if it will work, but we can’t promise anything right now.

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