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A new epoch approaches

Inauguration Day

Next week you’ll get to meet Rutherford B. Haze, the latest in our storied lineage of beers. The period after B. is important, by the way. It provides gravitas.

In case you missed its announcement: it’s a wheaty Belgian pale ale standing at 5.4% abv. I’m not usually a huge fan of wheat, but this one will pair perfectly with the weather we’ve been having here. It’s got the creamy characteristic that comes with wheat while providing depth from the yeast and hops.

He's got a beard for brewing

He’s got a beard for brewing

Did you think it would be a one trick pony? Rutherford is distinguished.

The house lights go up

Rutherford is our summer seasonal. You do realize what this means, right? Our winter seasonal, The Soft Bulletin, is going to be sent to the farm for a while. It’s been very popular, even into the warm months, but it’s time to write KIT HAGS in its yearbook, and, um wait.

I’m mixing metaphors like a bull being lead to water.

Anyway. We’ll be filling growlers of it until Friday or until it runs out, so if you’d like some of our dark saison with orange peel you should come as soon as you can. We suspect it won’t last the weekend, and in fact only made it this far because we didn’t bring it to Bidwell last week.

Bidwell, Bidwell, Bidwell, yeah!

I’ll shut up about this in a week or two, I promise, but: in case you’ve been on vacation, bedridden or busy continuously watching Arrested Development repeats in preparation for Sunday, we’re not at the brewery for retail on Saturday anymore! We’ve gone back to our roots and are set up at the Bidwell farmer’s market. (heh, roots, farmer’s market…)

We’ll be there until the end of October, so update your records accordingly. We can only bring four beers a week, so one has to sit out. We apologize for the inconvenience. (This week, obviously, we’ll be short The Soft Bulletin)

Saturday’s a busy day

You can come find us at Bidwell, as always.

Or you could head to the Elmwood Consumer’s between 1 and 4, where Ethan will be serving up hot justice, or at the very least samples of our beer.

Then again there’s the Buffalo brewery tour, featuring stops at:

  • Ulrich’s
  • Phoenix brewery building
  • Community Beer Works (that’s us!)
  • Flying Bison
  • Iriquois building
  • Simon Pure building

The price is $40, which includes lunch, tastings and a bus. I do believe there are still tickets available, so if you’re interested you should call Peter at  (716) 440-7985.

If we don’t see you this weekend, you almost have to be trying to avoid us..