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A neutron walks into a bar

I’m kind of out of tap puns

Which is too bad, because I only needed one more.

That’s right, this past weekend was TAP NY at Hunter Mountain. I didn’t go, and it became immediately apparent that I dun goofed. Well, we needed people to man the fort and staff retail, but Ethan came back with such tales of wonder and merriment that I may have to insist on going next year.

Alex and Eric rep CBW at TAP NY. Behind them, our sun goes nova.

Alex and Eric rep CBW at TAP NY

To wit: 63 breweries, all from our state. Over 200 beers all told: beer, beer everywhere and only two days to drink. Ethan’s five kinds of jazzed about New York’s existing and potential craft beer scene. The hops! The maltsters! (three by the end of the year) The wide variety of excellent, excellent beer!

If you went, I hope you had a great time. We’ll see you again next year! (but of course you won’t have to wait that long for us to head eastward again…)

Things must be heating up, because we’re expanding

Do any of the five finalists you people chose as Best Blog in Buffalo include ham-fisted physics puns in their headings? Didn’t think so. Don’t bother apologizing.

Ahem. Anyway.

Let’s say you had your first taste of us at TAP. Chances are, no matter where you live in the Buffalo area we’re on tap somewhere relatively close by. People ask me which bars they can go to and find us and I laugh. Time was, the answer was “Cole’s, Goodbar, Blue Monk.” I could remember that! The current list? I have to go to our FAQ just like everyone else.

That list is about to expand, too! We dropped our first kegs off at Carmello’s last week, which was a happy reunion seeing as chef Carmello Raimondi won Nickel City Chef’s Battle Ale, featuring De Maas.

Next, we took some beer to Colter Bay. Tomorrow will see our first trip to Alternative Brews. After that? Well, we’ve got a few in the works, and we’ll let you know when they’re finalized.

(It’s important to remember that there is a delay between when we drop beer off and when it goes on tap, so it’s unlikely that you can go to Alternative Brews tomorrow and get a pint of us.)

Snow in May?



Yes, yes, it’s all true. If you missed our barrel aged imperial stout at our anniversary party, what I believe is the last keg in existence (albeit barrel-free) is currently sitting in the Blue Monk’s cooler. They say it will be tapped next Tuesday, so set an alarm.

Bidwell? Bidwell!

A friendly reminder: this Saturday is the last time until fall that we’ll be at CBW HQ for retail. Starting 5/11 we’ll be at the Bidwell Farmer’s market every Saturday 8-1. Unlike last year’s measely two taps, we’re bringing the big guns in the form of our four tap jockey box. So never fear, The IPA will still be available for growler fills.

I’m not sure which I’m dreading more: waking up at 6 on a Saturday or being tempted by Five Points’ cinnamon rolls every week. Are they in MyFitnessPal?