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Beer of some distinction

I come bearing bad news, friends. Singularity (Chinook) is no more. Our tenth single hop IPA has come and gone, never to be seen again1. It came, you drank, we hope you liked it.

To make matters a bit worse, we likely won’t be making the eleventh Singularity until September. We’re swamped, dear readers! It’s been hard enough keeping up with demand, for you are a thirsty lot. That doesn’t leave as much time for fiddling about.

That being said: tonight! 5 pm! Blue Monk has a five gallon pin of The IPA that’s been dry hopped with Mosaic hops. Lupulin fans, rejoice.

Behold our fancypants new tap handles!

Behold our fancypants new tap handles!

Our dance card

Tonight we’ll be at Grapes and Hops in the Gallery! There are still tickets left for this beer, wine, food, music and art event to benefit Starlight Studio and Art Gallery, and we do hope we’ll see you there.

Then Saturday is the Buffalo Brewer’s Festival: from 3-7 you can enjoy Buffalo and New York breweries, then stay for food and music! We’ll be bringing Rutherford B. Haze and Frank.

You’ve got a bit of a breather then, if you want it, before a Western New York beer tasting at Brennan’s on July 29th. Join us, Flying Bison, Resurgence and others as we celebrate how awesome it is that we can have events almost entirely populated by Buffalo breweries now.

  1. Although, having just watched “Day of the Doctor”, I have visions of all of them reuniting and making snide comments about each others’ screwdrivers.