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A celebratory beer

So, okay, let’s get one thing out of the way: tomorrow is my birthday.

I have a strange relationship with my birthday, which is that I’m fine with it and aging and all that, but I’ve had a weird Thing the past few years where I kind of don’t want anyone to realize until after the fact. This year, though, I’ve liked the idea of a quiet night in with the family. Probably eating poutine and watching the new episodes of Steven Universe with my wonderfully geeky kids.

But the 10th is a Wednesday. I have to write a blog post on Tuesday. You see my predicament.

I decided to pick up a 22 oz bottle of something special to drink tonight, and really get my self indulgence on (“self indulgent beer wankery” being my favorite category of blog post). I chose the Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout.

It's hard to take a selfie when your wife is heckling you for your incessant selfies

It’s hard to take a selfie when your wife is heckling you for your incessant selfies

Hokay. Yeah. That’s 13%, all right.

I’m sure this is supposed to be aged, but I’m aged! (That was a birthday joke. Only eight more years til “over the hill” jokes.)

The alcohol is fairly overwhelming, but with a nice roasty chocolate underneath. The bourbon barrel aging is noticeable, but in a subdued capacity. That will probably become more apparent with age, but for now it isn’t punching me in the face as much as many barrel aged beers tend to.

If I had to choose one phrase to describe this beer, it’d be “chocolate covered raisins”.

I’m pairing it with season 2 of Grace and Frankie on Netflix, even though the correct pairing for that is to mimic Grace’s martinis (just like the rules of red wine for Scandal, scotch for Outlander).

Have an excellent Tuesday, everyone. Pick up a bottle of this, and maybe keep it until Christmas. And just… just keep the birthday thing to yourselves, okay?