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33 Beers

I’ve taken an odd route through tracking the beer that I drink. I used to use Untappd religiously, even entering in the homebrew that I drank. Then I stopped. Then I started again, though I still didn’t use the social features: I’d load the app, check in to the beer I had, then close the app. No “toasts” or comments or anything of the sort. Last year I began the great purge of “quantified self” habits: I tracked for the sake of tracking, and the habits just stressed me out rather than providing any benefit.

And yet, I still need to work on mindfulness. I didn’t so much care about recording the beers I drank as I did about thinking about them. I read a post on the Kegworks blog: 10 Beer Fest Essentials. A tasting notebook, you say…! I do like hand writing things. I stopped at the Kegworks store and picked up a 33 Bottles of Beer notebook, taking it with me to our second book club discussion.

Without further ado: a list of the 33 beers that I drank (recorded only if it was the first time I had tasted it since starting the notebook).

2014-05-21 20.43.21

Date started: May 21, 2014

  1. White Corner Wheat (Hamburg): 5/21
  2. Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Oskar Blues): 5/21
  3. Sah’tea (Dogfish Head): 5/21
  4. Nitro Milk Stout (Left Hand): 5/21
  5. Hop Stoopid (Lagunitas): 5/21
  6. The Double IPA (Community Beer Works): 5/23
  7. Raging Bitch (Flying Dog): 5/25
  8. Rutherford B. Haze (Community Beer Works): 5/25
  9. Deviant Dale’s IPA (Oskar Blues): 6/1
  10. Mowmaster (Ellicottville): 6/3
  11. Fleur de Belgique (Ithaca): 6/6
  12. Shuck Norris Round 2 (Drew Hardin): 6/6
  13. Singularity (Nugget) (Community Beer Works): 6/6
  14. Bridge Kolsch (Resurgence): 6/7
  15. Loganberry Wit (Resurgence): 6/7
  16. Summer Saison (Resurgence): 6/7
  17. Sponge Candy Stout (Resurgence): 6/7
  18. Session IPA (Resurgence): 6/7
  19. Summer Wit (Resurgence): 6/7
  20. Blood Orange Saison (Resurgence): 6/7
  21. Laissez-Faire (Ithaca): 6/11
  22. Obscurité (Ithaca): 6/13
  23. Torpedo (Sierra Nevada): 6/28
  24. Heart of Darkness (Magic Hat): 6/28
  25. Old Chubb (Oskar Blues): 6/28
  26. Summerfest (2014) (Sierra Nevada): 6/28
  27. King Titus (Maine Beer Co): 7/2
  28. Farmer’s Tan (Southern Tier): 7/2
  29. Cream Ale (Eric Stellrecht): 7/2
  30. Lagunitas Sucks: 7/2
  31. Claymore Scotch Ale (Great Divide): 7/2
  32. Anchor Steam: 7/2
  33. Antigoon (The Musketeers): 7/2

Date finished: July 2, 2014