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2014: The year that was

Now that we’re in 2015 I thought I’d look back through our posts from last year and aggregate some data, ala the Feltron Annual Report.

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New beer

Here’s a list of every beer we made in 2014. Those marked with an asterisk were very limited release, being samples/pints only at the brewery or only sent to one bar, are marked with an asterisk. It doesn’t include beers we made in the past and re-released, like Wet Frank or Oh Snap!

The Double IPA gets into the Halloween spirit

The Double IPA gets into the Halloween spirit

  • Singularity (Falconers Flight)
  • Singularity (Northern Brewer)
  • The IPA (with citra)
  • Dank Frank
  • Green Bottle Saison*
  • Sour Cherry Stout*
  • Seasonal Creep (Saison)
  • Mr. Blofeld
  • Singularity (Apollo)
  • Rutherford Brett Haze
  • The Snow (2014)
  • OG Whale
  • Drew’s Dyrty Dyngus*
  • Grisette #1
  • Singularity (East Kent Golding)
  • Klassy NY Pale Ale (collaboration with Big Ditch)
  • Singularity (Nugget)
  • Singularity (Chinook)
  • Duality (Chinook/Citra)*
  • Cheetah Mikida*
  • IPA (mosaic dry hop)*
  • Strawberry Rhubarbford B. Haze*
  • Tripod
  • Alex Placito Has A Posse
  • Rutherford B. Nguyen
  • The End Is Rye
  • Porter Collaboration Project (collaboration with Pearl St)
  • Singularity (Calypso)
  • Nouveau Riche
  • Iron Sikh (collaboration with Hamburg)
  • Rye barrel Cherry Whale
  • Beer Week IPA
  • Singularity (Falconers Flight 7c’s)
  • Cole’s 80th Anniversary IPA
  • The IPA (with nelson)*
  • Heatrays (2014)
  • Singularity (Palisades)
  • Saison #1
  • Storm Warning
  • The End Is Rye (oak aged)*
  • Molé Dick*
  • Rosemary’s Snow Baby (collaboration with Old First Ward)
  • Duality (Galaxy/Mosaic)*

(this does not include beers we had released previously, like the Elmwood Festive-ale: just ones that had never been seen before)


Total new beer: 43 Singularities: 9 Collaborations: 4

Milestones and other cool things

Dan & Drew & Van & Beer

Dan & Drew & Van & Beer

  • We can now sell pints!
  • Hydraulic Hearth is open and will soon be brewing
  • Buffalo Spree named us Best Local Brewery
  • Ethan and Rudy were profiled by Luke Copping
  • We added taps to our van (see sbove)
  • We collaborated with BreadHive on bread made with spent grain from The Whale
  • We collaborated with public espresso on Espresso Whale
  • We collaborated with Buffalo Distilling on Tripod

Blog stats

Rutherford B. Greg (my favorite picture of the year that isn't of my kids)

Rutherford B. Greg (my favorite picture of the year that isn’t of my kids)


Top lists

Pearl Street's Chris with Rudy and Drew

Pearl Street’s Chris with Rudy and Drew

Videos we made or are featured in: 7

Other statistics

  • Events/beer pairing dinners: 12
  • Brewfests: 19

It was a hell of a year. I look forward to an even bigger 2015.

  1. Justin told me that he was recognized at a beer event, not as “the Kegworks homebrewing guy” but as “the guy from the Reading Rainbow video”, which basically made my goddamn year. 

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