Lafayette Ave

The Place Where It All Started

Our original home and primary base of operation for the past six years. Though our taproom at 15 Lafayette Ave is currently closed, we continue to forge forward with this location as our company headquarters and R&D brewing facility. Here we’ll continue to make innovative test beers, brew small batch seasonals, and perfect pilot recipes before they’re ready for full production. Lafayette’s modest 1.5 bbl brewing system is even being replaced by a shiny new 3 bbl system, giving us ample room to keep pushing the boundaries of our damn good beer!

The Future of Lafayette Ave

We’re aiming to reopen this taproom in 2019 after we make some remodeling improvements, change a few things and add a little more stuff. Reshaping Lafayette will allow us to host private events, incorporate music and art programming and provide a relaxing environment for you to enjoy a beer or three. We look forward to Embeering Buffalo in the future with two West Side locations.

7th Street