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15 beers: a 33 beers interlude

I had filled up my third beer tasting notebook, and now I shall relate it to you.

Wait: third? Yes indeed! Two 33 Beers notebooks, and now th- but I’ve only put up one post!

Yes, well, about that. When I went to write this post this morning I couldn’t quite find my second notebook. So. Here we find ourselves.

A bit of a change

When I picked up my last batch of notebooks I ordered another: the Little Book of Beer Tasting notebook. Unlike the 33 series it only has room for 15 entries, but each entry has twice the space: the left page is for the form entries with the entirety of the right devoted to tasting notes (with a bit at the bottom for ratings).

Which style you like better depends on your personal preferences. I quite enjoy the 33 Beers flavor wheel and found the “circle all that apply” version in the Little Book unsatisfying and usually irrelevant. But then, I rarely write more than a sentence or two about any beer: I’ll scribble some notes and get back to what I had been doing, instead of giving each beer a full tasting session. So, for my money, I vastly prefer the 33 series, but you might find it cramped.

The Little Book notebook (top) compared to the 33 Beers

The Little Book notebook (top) compared to the 33 Beers

Now then, the beer

  1. Wet Frank (Community Beer Works): 9/5
  2. The Snow (Community Beer Works): 9/5
  3. Pilsner (Steam Whistle): 9/7
  4. Pilsner (unfiltered) (Steam Whistle): 9/7
  5. IPA (Southern Tier): 9/8
  6. Flower Power (Southern Tier): 9/8
  7. Porter (Robert Turley): 9/11
  8. Rebel IPA (Sam Adams): 9/17
  9. London Pride (Fuller’s): 9/19
  10. Curieux (Allagash): 9/19
  11. Pumking (Southern Tier): 9/21
  12. Porter Collaboration Project (Community Beer Works/Pearl St): 9/22
  13. Belma & Louise (Stack): 9/25
  14. Dry Hopped Kolsch (Resurgence): 9/26
  15. Pumpkin Ale (Resurgence): 9/26